Web Committee Members Needed

The five members of the web committee invite two or three technical and non-technical/administrative minded residents to join us. Our goal is to encourage rapid, useful communications throughout Four Seasons.

All members must have a PC, internet connections and knowledge of Word Software, and a willingness to grow with our community website.

Technical members will need to learn Word Press software, the site database schema, the Drop Box application, and technology advances to run a smooth site.

Non-technical/administrative members also understand the site database to interact with technical members, approved advertisers, and committee and club Chairs or their representatives to keep our site up to date. They also write monthly articles for the Four Seasons Newsletter, and committee related correspondence.

Please send your email of interest to our Webmaster at postmaster@4seasonssmithville.com. And, follow up by completing the attached form and delivering it to the Clubhouse (Ring bell on front door.)

The Web Team


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