The committees and management office have been receiving an abundance of political sign inquiries, complaints and violations.  Violators must immediately remove the infraction(s).  As a reminder, per the Landscaping and Grounds Rules & Regulations:

13) Flags and Flagpoles
Only official American Flags are to be flown.  Freestanding flagpoles not to exceed 15 feet in height are permitted within the mulch bed. Applications and written approvals are required from L&G committees.  No flags or flag poles are to be attached to or hung onto trees on the common ground in the community.

24) Signage
Signs are not permitted on personal property with the exception of alarm company logos and one political sign.  Political sign must be no larger than two feet by three feet, located in the front mulch bed only, displayed no more than 30 days prior to an election, and removed immediately after the election.

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