Many of the recent comments on our website have been unkind, unwelcome and inflammatory – unbecoming of a community that has so many genuinely nice people. If you have an issue with the BOT, please address it directly. The BOT understands that the pool is an important part of the value that homeowners rely on when they ‘bought in’. It has been working diligently to understand the rules and regulations, liabilities and concerns that people have. This was a difficult decision for the board to make; please remember that they are looking out for our well-being.

When you joined the website, you agreed to our terms and conditions. Language on the site includes: It is not to be used for Blogs, or personal opinions on economic, political, religious, or social issues, or for commercial, business service type ads; the message and the language should not be inflammatory or derogatory. Abusing this tool for those purposes will result in the Announcer being asked to desist, and given the option to attend the next monthly web Committee meeting to discuss the issue at length. If the Announcer persists in publishing controversial opinions or materials, he/she will be barred from website membership for 30, 60, or 365 days for repeated offenses. The resident’s “due process” will be managed by the Board of Trustees.

Your Web Committee

Brian O’Hara

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