Observing the Veterans’ Club Motorcade for July 4th

Please join us on the Fourth of July by lining our village streets and by waving our American Flag, dressing in Red, White, and Blue, playing patriotic music, and honoring the birth date of the United States of America.  This is a rain or shine event.

Our Motorcade begins at 10 AM, July 4, 2020.  The times we pass through each village are approximate.  The route we travel is listed below by village.  To view the Motorcade, try to be where you can observe the Motorcade approximately 10 minutes prior to these times.  This is particularly important for residents not living on the Motorcade route and who need to walk or ride to the roads identified.   We respectfully ask that you do not park on these roads between 10 AM and 11 AM on July 4.  The roads included in the Motorcade were determined to make celebrating our Independence Day accessible to all residents of Four Seasons in Historic Smithville.

Wayland Village         10:01 AM  (Regency Dr and Chancery Lane)

Pembrooke Village    10:05 AM  (Pembrooke Way)

Cambridge Village     10:10 AM  (Derby Dr)

Nottingham Village    10:15 AM  (Wordsworth St and Raleigh St)

Manchester Village    10:21 AM  (Sander Pl, Blackburn St and Everton Pl)

Wexford Village          10:24 AM  (Crowndale Pl, Brampton St and Limerick St)

Oxford Village            10:27 AM  (Manchester St and Southmoor Dr)

Berkshire Village       10:32 AM  (Northampton Dr)

Devonshire Village    10:40 AM  (Quail Hill Blvd, Brewster Dr, Southampton Dr, Oxford Ct and St George Rd)

Chatham Village        10:51 AM  (Weston Dr, Chatham Way and Salem Rd)

Arrive at Four Seasons Clubhouse   10:55 AM

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