The first of two fall cleanups are about to begin. If you have applied mulch and do not want your gardens blown out please contact Lorraine at the clubhouse ASAP. Reminder that they will not be blowing out gardens during every mowing. The second and last cleanup will happen in December once all (or most) of the leaves are off the trees. The contractual seeding has been completed with the exception of about 12 homes due to extremely wet ground conditions, these homes will be completed in early spring. In two weeks, weather permitting, we will be applying our fourth fertilization. If during any mowing operations you notice ruts from the machines please call Lorraine at the clubhouse to get a work order made up. This has been a very trying year for DTE, We have received numerous.calls and emails regarding the length of time between mowings. The mowing operations are based on ground conditions, not the weather that day. Our committee, the board and first residential is aware of the wet and soft conditions of the lawns. DTE has tried on numerous occasions to mow only to leave huge ruts in the first few yards and had to stop. Our soil does not drain and remains soft for days. We have had DTE work on other contractual obligations during these down times. Thank you  LG Committee

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