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Submitted Resident Village Request
01/05/21 Jane Biddle Devonshire Hello,
Yesterday the path lights stopped working (first time that I can remember) – this is the path between Brewster and Southampton (ending up at More
12/04/20 John Bianchini Wexford DTE left about a 10’ patch of leaves all along the woods behind 6 & 8 Londonderry st during leaf clean up yesterday. View
12/03/20 John & Terri Coyle Wexford They did the final leaf clean up today and did a terrible job. It looks like my side and back yard weren’t done. When they picked up the pile of More View
12/02/20 Joe Trainor Devonshire We received a community e-mail updating us on the final cleanup that is progress. It suggests that debris left on the street has been left by More View
11/24/20 Debra Silver Wexford Many leaves in front yard will they be removed ? Thank you View
11/23/20 Arthur and Karen Ubbens,Jr Devonshire When Down to Earth (DTE) collected leaf piles on Southampton Dr they did not collect huge leaf piles covering drainage sewers. Leaf build up over More View
11/23/20 Wayne Miller Devonshire There is a large broken branch hanging from a tree next to 175 Brewster that needs to be removed. View
11/21/20 Gail & Charles Craig Nottingham Could someone come & take a look at my yard? We have in the past month or so have these mounds if loose dirt on our lawn. There are so More View
11/18/20 Deborah Aker Devonshire FYI to web committee. Please note. For some reason, I receive duplicate emails each time there’s a new post or message. I don’t see anywhere to More View
11/16/20 Frank Piotrowski Manchester FYI – DTE mowed Manchester Village this morning. We have ruts and divots on both sides and behind our house. The ruts are particularly bad between 11 More View
11/14/20 Patrick Creegan Chatham Received an email that my June service repost was completed. Went up today and putted on all holes and there was work done to tighten the carpets and More View
11/10/20 Alan Blundin Nottingham When time allows. can someone look at the split rail fence behind our home. One of the rails keeps falling out of place. Thank you so much. View
11/10/20 Carol Jacobsen Chatham Small tree in common area behind my house was split by one of the storms. It is now hanging on the ground and the lawn crew are having trouble More View
11/07/20 James and Michelle Ewing Chatham The back of my yard was not cut and the leaves were not removed from this area either . The ground beneath tree is covered in leaves View
11/02/20 Richard & Sandra Valenti Devonshire Bedroom Shutter falling off building View
10/31/20 David Tirella Nottingham I am looking to remove old dead shrub stumps from a flower bed at the rear of my property as per my plot survey. I am not looking to remove the dead More View
10/27/20 Dee & Sal Macaluso Chatham Sprinkler head on left side of home, near air conditioner, is either loose or broken. View
10/26/20 Howard Garfield II Wayland gutters overflowing View
10/22/20 Rita Toole Chatham I notified office on 8/4 that my sidewalk was lifted 2to 3 inches from the storm. I have painted 3 large white X’s on the panel hoping that no one More View
10/21/20 Carol Altendorf Manchester Trim tree branches of the community area maple trees, which are hanging over the roof on the right side of my house. Thank you. View