Service Requests

Service Requests submitted by residents are displayed below (newest first). Each request has been sent to the appropriate person for handling. They are available here as “backups” and can be viewed and printed as needed. Only requests made through the website will be listed here.

Submitted Resident Village Request
09/17/20 Walter Paczkowski Devonshire Pile of grass clippings left by DTE yesterday (wednesday) across the street from my house. Vacuum truck was here after grass cutters were here, I’m More View
09/14/20 Robert Rudnick Devonshire Many areas of my lawn need reseeding.When ever the next one takes place . thankyou View
09/14/20 Steve Aker Devonshire Common areas around pond adjacent to 148 Southampton Drive are becoming increasingly overrun with weeds. View
09/11/20 Margot Sullivan Wayland Gutter in back of the condo again overflows seriously in any more rain than a gentle rain. Mulch a mess. Not sure if downspout is even clear. Have had More View
09/09/20 Joseph & Virginia Giumara Cambridge Would like to get on the list for the fall to have grass restored next to my garage . View
09/09/20 Steve Silvern Berkshire FYI – Pond Fountain in the smaller Wexford Pond, behind Brampton Street, is not working. View
09/08/20 Roselyn Dalessandris Chatham Thatch and seed right and left front of house. View
09/08/20 Lawrence Salerno Wexford While there was some work done on my front lawn last year, it was only partially successful. At present, it needs more restoration and reseeding is More View
09/07/20 Virginia & Stephen Schwab Pembrooke The mulch beds of the homes at # 74 and #72 Pembrooke Way are both in need of attention.
74 looks as if it has been abandon, I was going to call for More
09/04/20 Paul Ricciardi Wexford Limerick pond fountain is out again View
09/02/20 James and Michelle Ewing Chatham A large tree in our front yard has broken limbs that are a hazard as well as being an eyesore. Tree needs to be pruned or removed. View
09/02/20 Sylvia and Jim Stapleton Devonshire We were away for a few weeks. when we returned we saw that our mail box was leaning to one side. It seems that one of the mowers must have hit it More View
08/31/20 Jacqueline Morley Devonshire The grass directly off my patio is straw and dead. I’d like to have it reseeded.
Thank you…Jackie Morley
08/28/20 Sal Nasca Oxford Oxford Pond Area,
Large low hanging gypsy moth web located at the entrance of the pond from the Manchester St entrance path (on the right).If not More
08/28/20 Veronica Piotrowski Manchester On July 16th, the aerator in the Sander Place pond/Manchester Village was removed for repair. This week (August 26th), it was reinstalled and turned More View
08/26/20 Steve Silvern Berkshire Common area located between 408 Saint Ives Court and 10 & 12 Northampton Road is overrun with weeds. View
08/24/20 Philip & Kathy Schultz Chatham Back yard never cut last week! Did edge front and mowed across the street but never came to do our back View
08/20/20 Donald Cleary Wexford DTE mower made tremendous ruts in the lawn between 10 & 12 Wicklow Terrace in Wexford Village.
It is a muddy mess. He should have stopped & More
08/19/20 David & Janet Day Cambridge We have a tree (Maple?) off of the southwest corner of our house. The trunk is about 12 feet from the corner of the house. It is getting too big and More View
08/18/20 Dee & Sal Macaluso Chatham The fountain light in Chatham Village has been out for at least two weeks. View