Phishing SCAM (Korafel favor)

Ron Korafel request for Favor is a Phishing Scam “DO NOT RESPOND

Brian O’Hara

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Effective 9/16/2020, the Terms and Conditions of Website Use will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.  When you registered on the website, you agreed to abide by the Terms and Conditions of website use, including the following:

Section 4: “

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Web Committee Members Needed

The five members of the web committee invite two or three technical and non-technical/administrative minded residents to join us. Our goal is to encourage rapid, useful communications throughout Four Seasons.

All members must have a PC, internet connections and knowledge

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I’m just sayin’

If you receive an unsolicited or unwanted email for from someone for example “Bruce from NJ” you could respond and ask to have your email address removed from his or her mailing list.  You can also mark the email as

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