Fourth of July Parade

Date: 07/03/2021
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Smithville
6/29/21 Update by Bob Simms
Galloway Township’s “Largest Parade in South Jersey” kicks-off at 9 AM, Saturday, July 3rd , proceeds West on Smithville Boulevard past Quail Hill Blvd. and our Clubhouse to Moss Mill Road where it turns past Pembrooke Village toward the Smithville Village of Shops.
Our Veterans Club is the only group representing Four Seasons in the Galloway Parade. Our Club Banner, Color Guard, Service Flags, Marchers, and six Convertibles will be something for all spectators to cheer-on.
Bring your lawn chairs and water bottles, and celebrate 245 years of Independence!! Seating is in the grassy median strip and on the Rt. 9 side of Smithville Blvd.
Weather Word: Today’s news sources have Saturday’s weather from Sunny and 78 to Stormy. This is Galloway’s Parade to Postpone until July 10th. Let’s hope it goes on the 3rd.