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The ACC has received and approved many new roof requests. Some for complete roof removal and installation of new roof, and some for installing a second roof over existing roofs. Some of these roofs were replaced as part of the installation of Solar panels, with discounts for replacing the roof before installation of Solar panels.

Through discussions with the homeowners the pricing were from the low of $6,000 to a high of $23,000.

Please be aware of vendor taking advantage of seniors with exceptional high pricing. If you are in need for a new roof, please make sure you get several estimates and seek recommendations from friends and neighbors before making a commitment to a vendor.


Mailboxes – Parts and replacement

Ace Hardware – Approved for replacement by homeowner

Available at store or

  • Gibraltar Parsons Polymer Post Mounted White Mailbox             $11.99
    • 19 3/8” L 7 7/8 W          9  9/16” H
    • White Polypropylene
    • Assembled – Weather Resistant
    • Number: 5063672
    • PL 10W0201


Mailbox Doctors LLC – The original installer of Mailboxes within our community.

29 Lagoon Drive West, Toms River, New Jersey 08753-2519

Business Phone 732-255-1110

  • Mailbox installed $42.50
  • Gothic Top installed $15.00
  • Newsletter Shoot and Cap installed $10.00
  • Mailbox Flag installed $10.00
  • New Numbers (each) installed $2.00
  • Complete Replacement $150.00
  • It is recommended an estimate should be obtained prior to complete mailbox replacement in case of additional charges for root removal and other unforeseen issues.

The original design can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for less than $15 plus $7 shipping.  (Also available from other vendors online, but must pay close attention to wide range of prices, shipping charges, and availability.)

The advantage, beside original appearance, is easy installation using original screw placement.

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