2020 Election Results

Smithville Four Seasons HOA 2020 Trustee Election Results

The 2020 Trustee Election tally was completed the afternoon of 09/08/2020.
The tally results are listed in the chart below:

Title Name Votes
Candidate Thomas Henshaw 336
Candidate Philip Paul 290
Candidate Frank Murray 290
Write-In Steve Silvern 85

Bylaws, Section 4.03 Election and Term of Office:
The Trustees shall hold office until their respective successors have been duly
elected and qualified, or until removed in the manner provided in Section 4.05.
If at any meeting for election of Trustees to the Community Board, more than twice
the number of candidates to be elected at such meeting is nominated, there shall be
two ballots. At the end of the first ballot, the field of nominees shall be reduced so
that there are twice as many candidates as there are positions to be filled, with the
persons receiving the fewest votes being eliminated from the second ballot. On the
second ballot, the persons receiving the plurality of votes will be deemed to be
elected in order to fill the vacant positions. If there are not more than twice the
number of nominees for the number of positions to be filled, there shall be one
ballot, with the persons receiving the most votes being elected in order to fill
the vacancies on the Board of Trustees. The candidates polling the highest votes
will be considered elected for the longest period of years. Election of Trustees at
successive annual meetings shall be in accordance with this Section 4.03.

As previously announced, a run-off election would be required for the top four candidates with the most votes.  On 09/09/2020, one candidate and one write-in withdrew from the top four. Therefore a run-off election is no longer required.

Congratulations To The Two 2020 Elected Trustees
Thomas Henshaw
Frank Murray


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